Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Programmes is a method by which you can earn large amount of commission by promoting Company’s products or people’s product.

How Affiliate Marketing Programmes Works :

  • Firstly Affiliate Marketer promote brand or services on their site.
  • When customers visit their site they some times click on the product or services links provide by the affiliate marketer.
  • When customer click on the link it will re direct to the company website.
  • Customer purchases the brand/services from the website.
  • Company pays the commission to the affiliate marketer when products or services are being sold.

Affiliate Marketing can be done by 2 ways :

  • You become an merchant – it means that your products and services will be promoted by another people and you give them commission.
  • Become an affiliate marketer- it means that you have to promote other products and earn commission from them.


  • Passive Income- In regular jobs you have to go to office and work to get income but in affiliate marketing you don’t have to do this you can invest limited amount of time and you will see a continuous income flow .
  • No Customer Support- You don’t need to support your customer here nor you have to bother about customer satisfaction.
  • Work from home- The best part of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to go to office for your job you can sit in your home and work by wearing t-T-Shirts and Barmooda.
  • Cost Effective- If You have to start your own business then you have invest a lot but in affiliate marketing you can start with a low cost and you don’t need to get worried about creating your products .
  • Performance based rewards- You don’t have to work for many hours in affiliate marketing if you are working for less time span and customer is buying your products then also you can earn a handsome amount from it.