SMS blasting or text message blast service is a text message that is sent to a large number of people at the same time. Small , medium and big business houses do the same just to keep customers aware about their sales and new launches. It is the most powerful marketing tool to get in touch with your customers. It really works to increase your sales because every people open sms and if its all about sale or any discounts or any offers it is an added advantage for your business.

BENEFITS OF BULK SMS OR Text Message Blast Service

  1. High Readability
  2. High Conversion
  3. Bulk Sms will help you to send sms to lots of customers or a group of people.
  4. It delivers your message very quickly.
  5. Bulk Sms is not a very expensive platform because you can send sms in one go to group of people.
  6. Bulk Sms has a very high open rate because when you are sending any message to someone it will go to message inbox but in email it can go to spam also.
  7. You can reach lots of people through sms. Nowadays also many people prefer to use Sms.
  8. Speed is one of the great factor in sms because if you want to contact people with email then customer should have an disrupted internet connection .
  9. Best part of bulk Sms is you can save money and time both
  10. you can keep your customer update about your sale information to feel them more loyal.

Where You Can Use Bulk Sms

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SMS marketing plays a very important role in mobile marketing because when you are sending any message to any of your clients or friends they will at least once open your message to see it has very high open rate not only in India but in through out the World. Bulk Sms will build a good relationship with your clients.