E Commerce is a electronic commerce platform where buying and selling of products is done over the internet. Electronic Commerce is a platform through which you can grow your business globally.

Types of E Commerce:


Advantages of E Commerce:

  • Easy to find products– Through E commerce it is very easy to find product which you are searching for you don’t need to hunt for your product .
  • 24*7 buying and selling– 24*7 you can order your product which you want to buy.
  • Prices are affordable– The best thing in E commerce is you will get your products in an affordable price.
  • Customer can buy different products from their home and offices without going physically– You don’t need to go to retail outlets to buy products you can shop different products in the website in affordable prices.

Now let’s talk about B2C what is this term it is basically business to customers. Buying and selling of goods on internet, some business have their retail stores where customer goes and buy products but some business they only deals in internet customer visit their site and buy goods online.

let’s talk about B2B in this type of business transaction always happen between business to business like manufacturers traders etc. In this type of trade inventory is managed electronically system is designed in such a manner that if inventory goes below the line then order will be submitted automatically.

What is C2C all about it is basically business between two individuals. It can be goods or services if we take a very simple example of newspaper here customer sell goods to another customer.

C2B process is basically consumer to business where business goods and services for the end users or end customers.

Benefits of E commerce in Business.

  • By E Commerce you can sell more products online any make new and more loyal customers.
  • Lower Cost
  • Open 24*7
  • Provide more description of the product.