Email Outreach

Email Out reach is basically getting touch with your clients through Email. Email outreach is very important for a business to do proper email marketing because in digital marketing Email Marketing plays a vital role to get your business. You will get positive response on email only when you write a attractive and targeted email. Another important thing is when you are sending mail if your email is not meaningful influencer will not open your email.

Now let’s talk about how to deliver ability reaching the inbox: ( Email Outreach)

  1. permission – Single opt in and double opt in.

Single Opt In it is basically a single security check ( Customer IP address is tracked.)

Double Opt In it is basically double security check.( IP Address is tracked as well as verify your Email Id also).

2. White Listing- reader save your email id in their contact list you can ask your reader to do that.

3. Follow CAN SPAM ACT- It covers commercial email messages in USA .

4. Use a familiar sender name

5. We should not use any promotional words anywhere like- % , offer, free, buy now etc.

6. Keep a healthy list.

7. No repetition of words

8. Image to text ratio – Image ratio should be less and text should be more .

9. Show the benefit- It means that you have to show your client that they are getting some benefit from your email because until and unless they will not understand benefit they will not show ant interest.

10. Keep your pitch short- Always keep your pitch short don’t write a long description if it is not required .

11. Discover your target Audience- It means you have to find out whom you have to send mail.

12. Try to keep your subject line short and interesting- Be very specific about your subject line.