Freelance Marketing Services

Freelance digital Marketing Services is basically you are promoting clients brands and services through online for which client will pay you. It is basically work from home.

You have to become a trusted digital advisor. you have to give a proper guidance to your clients what will be beneficial for them what will help them to grow their business in future. You have to work on certain points before you want to start a freelancing project.

  • Awareness Stage – It means that when customer don”t know you.
  • Consideration Stage- Try to have an experience of that product.
  • Action Stage- Sign up (or) purchase of that product.
  • Loyalty Stage- When customer re-purchase of your product.
  • Advocacy- start talking positive about your brand (or) it is WOM-WORD OF MOUTH.

Freelancing Digital Marketing Services Process:

  • Prospecting- It means that every day and everywhere you have to build your contacts. You have make an Aura in the market be sound and confident.
  • Meeting- You have to people talk to them regarding your work about your business
  • Gap Analysis- It is one of the most important things to do in Freelancing business you have analyse lots of things before taking the project of a client .
  1. Who are your target Customer
  2. Who are your main competitors
  3. What are your marketing goals
  4. What is CPA
  5. What are the goals of your Website
  6. What are your challenges and road blocks
  7. What is marketing budget

Strategic Planning- You have to plan how you have to work on on projects and you will perform your task and how you will reach your goals these are all the things which you have to plan accordingly.

Objection Handling and pitch- It means that you should understand clearly how you have to tackle objections when your client will ask you questions

Closing- It is an because you have to close it very nicely and professionally because in future you will get more work on basis of how are closing your deal.

Loyalty and Referrals – It means that you should know how to drive more customers.

In freelance digital marketing services process these are the points which you have to follow.