Search Engine Marketing (SEM )

Search Engine Marketing is basically a paid form of advertising so as your business goods and services are visible in search engine result pages. Search Engine Marketing or (SEM) helps your business to grow and reach new customers.

There are different types of tools and components by which you can use Search Engine Marketing ..

  1. SEM RUSH- Sem Rush is basically a keyword research tool through which you can do traffic analysis, site audit, keyword ranking and many more. Sem rush basically helps you to understand your competitors marketing methods and you can also understand how much you can spend on your keywords. This keywords will help you to rank better on Search Engine Result Page.

2. Google Trends – It plays a vital role in finding keywords you can check out those keywords which are on trending basically . It will also show those keywords also which are not trending. Google trends will also show you keywords those are trending in different states of India.

3. Google Keyword Planner – Google Keyword Planner tool is a tool by Google itself. Many of the business are using this keyword tool because it help you to show the relevant keyword for your business. It will also help you to choose the correct keyword basically it narrow down the possible keywords. It also show the bids of every keyword so that you can take decision wisely according to your budget.

How to Use Search Engine Marketing :

  1. Always generate new leads
  2. Sell products
  3. Build brands for your clients
  4. you have to divert traffic from their competitors.

How to Use Search Engine Marketing :

These are the tools of Search Engine Marketing Services :

  1. Optimize your website

A. Content should look very rich.

B. Make your content Search Engine Friendly.

C. Content should be organised .

Generate Inbound Links…

It is basically a link which is coming from other website to your website. It will help your site to rank well in Search engine result page. Google will help your website to rank higher when Google will see that other website links to your site.

Additional Programmes ..

  1. Social Media
  2. Write a Blog on your site.
  3. Create Rss Feed.