Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

What is Seo

Search Engine Optimization is the process of designing and developing a website to rank well in search engine result page. Search Engine Optimization improves the site ranking in the organic section of search results.

What to Search Engines Optimization Do-

Search Engine Optimization Basically do three types of work they are as follows:

crawling- When crawler reads our website

indexing- To store our website in database.

Ranking – Ranking means provide rank to our website.

Why We Use SEO

Get more traffic on our website

Increase Visibility on search Engine.

Convert a local business into international business.

Types of Seo

On page Seo and Off Page Seo

On page Seo- it all includes keyword placements, title, keyword density, description, alt tag, site map.

Off Page Seo- it includes blogs, Social Media, Link Building.


White Hat Seo

It is an ethical Seo In white hat Seo we follow all the guidelines of Search Engine. It provides lasting growth.

Black Hat Seo

It is an Unethical Seo In black hat Seo we do not follow the guidelines of search engine.

Grey Hat Seo

It is mix of white hat and Black hat Seo ( 95%White Hat+5% Black Hat)

Keyword research

It is one of the most important part in Seo because if you are not doing proper keyword research you will not able to rank your website.

There are different types of research tools through will we can research our keywords.

  1. google Keyword Planner Tools
  2. Google Trends
  3. Uber Suggest
  4. Keyword Tool .io
  5. LSI ( for long tail keywords)

What are the principles of SEO

  1. Create better Title Tags- We have to put a highly attention title . this title will help out to get more clicks for our website. Every page should have a different title tag.
  2. Interesting Meta Description – Meta description is a label you use on your web page basically we give instructions to Google.
  3. Seo friendly Urls – Your url should be short and it keyword has to there on url.
  4. out bound links- Out bound links are those links that are link start from your site and direct to an external site.
  5. Add Modifiers to your title tag.
  6. Publish long content
  7. H1 Tags.
  8. Internal links should be there