Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Digital Drivers is also a SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING AGENCY Its job is to increasing awareness of brand , product and services which increase your company’s presence through interactive communities like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM.

Why SMO Important

Social Media Marketing Agency plays a important role in Digital Marketing it helps to identify your target audiences. If your business is online then your clients will have a better image of your brand and they can share their views with you. Social Media Marketing Agency will create target traffic which will help you to grow your business.

Some Benefits Of SMO for a Business :

  • Traffic- If you have done SMO in proper way you can expect huge traffic on your Business.
  • Website Visibility- By doing SMO your website visibility will increase.
  • Easy Targeting – By using SMO you can reach global audiences.
  • Easy to Communicate- Social Media Marketing Agency will help business to communicate with their clients through- FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM.
  • Relation with Customer- When Business update something on SMO then customers also share their views regarding the same by which business organisation can understand what customer needs and what is their desire.

There are different types of Social Media that are used by People

  • Social Network- Connect with People
  • Discussion Forum- Share news and ideas
  • Media sharing networks- Share photos and Videos
  • Blogging and Publishing Network- Publish Content Online
  • Interest Based Networks- Share Interest and Hobbies
  • Social Shopping Networks -shopping online

There are many social media sites where you can promote your brands , products and services.


FACEBOOK- Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites many small ,medium and large business houses promoting their brands on facebook.

INSTAGRAM- Instagram is a video sharing and social media app. It allows the users to share videos and photos and live videos.

YOU TUBE- You Tube is a video sharing platform where you can upload your videos by creating your own channel for your subscribers and get likes and comments from them

TWITTER – Twitter is a social media site for news, entertainment , sports and politics.

WHATS UP – What ‘s up is a messaging app where people and business share messages.